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Climb, Climb, Climb...

Updated: Feb 20

Jack Thompsett completed his Mountain Leader and SPA with me last year, here in Part two of SPA advices he shares his thoughts for those thinking of their assessment in the future.

SPA Advice

"Climb, climb, climb- get out climbing when and where ever you can, the more places the better. You want to be cruising at severe on assessment, so climb a load of severe's and even a bit harder to make sure your cruising!



Rock climbing, Essential Skills & Techniques by Libby Peter. This book is your secret weapon. You won't remember everything from training, at least I didn't! The book has the answers to all your questions and more...


The more you shadow the more you learn. Shadowing is a great opportunity to learn some useful tips and practice your skills under the supervision of a qualified and experienced instructor and may lead to some work after your assessment!


You don't have to be at a crag to practice this. Trees, tables, handrails and more can help you get that rope work super smooth and efficient.


It's easy to get stressed about an assessment. Learn your stuff, then try and find a bit of time to relax your nerves! As soon as you sit down with Paul you'll forget you're on an assessment anyway!"

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