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The quest to reduce the sugar!

Updated: Feb 20

Power balls

Paul is ever searching to reduce his sugar intake, in recent weeks we have been experimenting with different plant sugars in hot drinks, with mixed results, but so far the refined white sugar hasn't made a comeback so it's looking positive.

One thing we always struggle with is finding snacks for the hill that fit the bill. Something sweet, easy to grab out a rucksack and also doesn't either melt or freeze! A tall order... Fortunately Paul loves raw food bars and with so many different combinations, here's this weeks homemade winner!

I found the original recipe online, however not having half the ingredients I improvised and we ended up with these... Delicious...

Cocoa Raw Food Bites (make around 12)

100g cashew nuts

100g brazil nuts

100g figs

100g dates

75g cranberries

couple tbsp of shredded coconut plus more to roll the bites in

1-2 tablespoon soya milk

1-2 tablespoons green and blacks cocoa powder

Whiz everything in a food processor with the exception of the soya milk.

If mix is really dry add soya milk

Roll in to bite size balls, roll in coconut


power balls

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