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How to; Clean up a burnt stove

I would love to share with you my delicious recipe for 'Sunset Chai'. It is very delicious, a hot milky drink, ideal for late evenings spent watching the sunset from your remote camping spot. Only I wouldn't want to inflict the hours of pan scrubbing I have just spent on anyone!

I'm no expert at this milk boiling but I do love trying new things so thought it would be great to have some lakeside Chai, only I did burn the milk, boiled it too vigourously perhaps? Too quickly? Who knows? What I do know is I had a mission on my hands to clean up the anodised alumiumum pot.

Thankfully cleaning the cooking pot was relatively easy once I found a great formula of biological washing powder and water, boiled for 10 mins and rinsed out followed by baking powder mixed into a paste with a little water and mixed around with a wooden spoon.

My pot is super shiny and as good as new!

This worked for me and this stove, I realise it might not work for everyone.

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