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December 13, 2017

A geeky torch review...LED Lenser MH10 & MT14

I got these 2 beauties through the post earlier in the year and was immediately struck by the high quality of the packaging, the boxes open slickly with information being provided at each stage and compartmentalised for each...

September 5, 2017

There was a great little article in The Professional Mountaineer this time (if you’re a MTA member you may have read it, pg13) about the use of gadgets like GPS and their place on the Mountain Training schemes.I had an email from a client asking if I’d written it under...

August 31, 2017

Last year I rattled on about always looking good and wearing padded shirts in the same sentence,

which on reflection now seems a little strange!

On my quest for stylish products I recently ventured into the new Alpkit shop in Hathersage. Now to be honest, I haven't pur...

November 30, 2016

It's officially the first day of winter (meteorologically speaking) tomorrow and only 25 days til Father Christmas is due to fly over. If you don't know what to put on your list for him, we have come up with a few ideas... 

FINISTERRE Zephyr Leggings (Women's)


We are...

October 17, 2016

Do you remember padded checked shirts? Before I discovered mid weight thermal tops I once had a selection of padded lumberjack shirts, these I could colour co-ordinate with my latest pair of ex-army trousers, I obviously knew how cool I looked! Funny thing was tho...

September 30, 2016

I first got Memory Map about 12 years ago, I can't remember the exact cost of it, it was a fairly expensive purchase, but it changed my attitude to how I purchased and used maps. The main reason for buying it initially was that I found myself going though volumes of pa...

May 23, 2016

Last year I wrote about summer mountain walking boots, so I thought I’d share some ideas on footwear that I wear whilst scrambling. I used to own one pair of boots and these did everything, walking, scrambling and I even climbed in them quite often too, I suppose I cou...

April 14, 2016

I would love to share with you my delicious recipe for 'Sunset Chai'. It is very delicious, a hot milky drink, ideal for late evenings spent watching the sunset from your remote camping spot. Only I wouldn't want to inflict the hours of pan scrubbing I have just spent...

December 15, 2015

Anyone who has been out with me in the last month or so will know this is a piece of kit that is truly important to me. Not only do I obviously want to be dry, but I want to be comfortable, if not the little voice in my head keeps reminding me how cold I am and how it’...

October 29, 2015

Lots of people have been asking for the recipe for the Coconut and Lime Raw Bites Viv made for me this week. 
I am always searching for alternatives to sugary snacks on the hill and the zingy flavour of these are just perfect! 


Coconut and Lime Raw Bites
Handful Almond...

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