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Due to the isolated nature of the environment that we will be in and spending a reasonable amount of time at altitude, Paul Poole Mountaineering (PPM) requires additional medical information. Please give information as fully as possible. The information is used for the health and safety of clients during the trip and will be treated in a strictly confidential manner.


Do you or have you ever had any of the following? 


1. If you have had eye improvement surgery, it would be sensible to bring your glasses with you on the trip. There have been cases of eyesight deteriorating with increasing altitude and then improving back to normal on your descent. Please speak to your optician for further advice on this subject.
2. It may be sensible to plan a visit to the dentist before you travel. Painful teeth for days could ruin your trip. All problems with teeth can be prevented. The cold air at altitude can upset un-treated broken fillings and cavities.
3. In the weeks leading up to the trip, you need to try to avoid those nasty cold/flu germs! It could affect your acclimatisation.

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